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Tips for a flatter stomach

  • Paleo nutrition - natural foods such as fish, meat,eggs,low/mid glycaemic index fruit, veg, nuts,sweet potato,etc
  • Drink water – little + often – keep hydrated but not bloated
  • less alchohol the better
  • aim for 8 hours good quality sleep
  • Manage stress – work, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, etc – stress increases cortisol production.  High cortisol levels can be reflected in increased levels of body fat around the abdominal region (please see the biosignature modulation article).
  • Resistance training – this will increase your metabolic rate leading to decreased body fat
  • Interval training
  • Take a good quality omega 3 fish oil supplement

Combating type 2 diabetes

To do this, it is key to control blood sugar.  When we eat high sugar foods, glucose enters the bloodstream and causes the release of a hormone called insulin.  This results in an increase in cortisol (stress) hormone. If we continue to do this, blood sugar irregularities are created and energy levels are up and down throughout the day.  Continual use of this scenario is a big factor in the onset of type 2 diabetes.

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