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Combating type 2 diabetes

To do this, it is key to control blood sugar.  When we eat high sugar foods, glucose enters the bloodstream and causes the release of a hormone called insulin.  This results in an increase in cortisol (stress) hormone. If we continue to do this, blood sugar irregularities are created and energy levels are up and down throughout the day.  Continual use of this scenario is a big factor in the onset of type 2 diabetes.


Nutrition is an important tool to address this situation.   Eating meat, fish, eggs, low glycaemic index fruit, veg, nuts and smarter,lower glycaemic carbohydrate choices such as sweet potato will help control blood sugar. Avoiding processed foods is also key. Eating smaller but more regular meals will also help to control blood sugar.

Getting regular exercise is another important factor in controlling blood sugar levels.
Resistance training is ideal.  The right intensity of training needs to be established and can be progressively increased.

Supplementing with an omega 3 fish oil and a good multi vitamin will add to the effectiveness of the recommended nutrition and regular exercise.




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