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Nutrition is a key factor in achieving optimal body shape and health. With the volume of conflicting sources currently available, nutrition can be a complex topic. Advice based on science and evolution will provide you with a clearer understanding and enable you to enjoy effective results and your food!


"Since starting training with Adam and following his nutritional advice I have stopped eating bread and wheat products due to us realizing that I had a wheat intolerance.  The result is an end to stomach problems and pain that I have had for the last 20 years!  My quality of life has improved no end."

Tab, Warwick


Biosignature - Coaching

BioSignature Modulation is a cutting-edge, non-invasive fat loss and wellness program originally developed by world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. The program, now exclusively taught by Poliquin GroupTM is based on the correlation between body fat storage and hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances are often the culprit of stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns including poor sleep, low energy, impaired cognitive function, and more. The BioSignature method focuses on addressing these imbalances to improve body composition and overall wellbeing!

Through specific body fat measurements and client assessment, BioSignature practitioners recommend an individualised program of nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle modifications based on your unique BioSignature. It is a safe and natural solution to losing stubborn body fat and achieving wellness - and ultimately, a higher quality of life. Whether you are a professional athlete, business executive, or a stay at home mum - BioSignature can help!

BioSignature Modulation produced real, noticeable results - and fast. It is not uncommon to see results in as little as two weeks. Unlike other methods of fat loss available today, with BioSignature you will see improvements in many other areas of your life too. Participants commonly report increased mental clarity, improved quality of sleep, higher energy levels and a more positive outlook. You can achieve all of this WITHOUT unsafe fat loss pills, hours of aerobic work, or unhealthy diet plans! Find out how you can get started with this effective and innovative approach to a leaner and healthier you.

To get started or for further information, contact Adam on 07590014276 or via email on the contact page.


Personal Training

Adam Preece Personal Training

Personal training can help you:

  • Decrease body fat and weight
  • Improve health and energy levels
  • Improve sleep and stress
  • Get into shape
  • Get stronger and increase lean muscle
  • Improve flexibility, posture, and core function

Specialist services are offered for injury rehabilitation, pain management and golf conditioning

Personal training is for anyone:

  • Beginners who need direction and motivation
  • People currently training who want better results
  • Sportsmen/women and athletes who want cutting edge nutrition and training

To get results I look at:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition and digestion
  • Hydration
  • Stress and sleep

The right personal training will provide effective results and improve your time management. It will fit into your lifestyle with no time being wasted on in-effective methods.


Train individually or with a friend/partner/relative


Small group sessions are also available


To find out more or to book a Free Initial Consultation, please use the contact page


"My goal was to lose weight and boost energy levels.  Adam and I have worked on nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep.  As a result I have lost 20.5 inches from a total of seven different areas of my body – roughly a loss of 3 inches from each area.  This included my target areas.  My energy levels have also risen significantly.  These results have been long term and sustainable.  I enjoy a balanced diet and find it easy to fit in the right type of exercise to my lifestyle".

Julie, Coventry


Injury rehabilitation/Pain management

Injury RehabilitationDriving, working at a desk, computers, gravity.  The way we are conditioned in everyday life leads frequently to faulty biomechanics and posture.  This means that with every step we take we can re-inforce muscle and postural imbalances.

There is a high percentage of  back, knee, hip, ankle and shoulder problems associated with the U.K. population and in particular sedentary lifestyles.  Common injuries resulting from faulty posture include hamstring pulls, groin strains and shin splints, amongst others.

As an Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner, these problems can often be resolved by improving muscle activation through assessment and the use of precise mobility exercises which restore efficient movement and re-educate the body.  Pain can be reduced and even eliminated in quick time and improved function restored which will help prevent future injury and improve performance.

Liaising with established physiotherapists, the appropriate preventative and rehabilitative programs are put in place.


"Before my first training session with Adam, I had suffered a great deal of troubles with my right shoulder for around 4 years.  Prior to my first training session, Adam took time to discuss my problem with me and familiarize himself with my situation.  After my first session, I noticed the pain had decreased.  Several training sessions later, I no longer felt any pain.

Since then, I have had additional training sessions with Adam, and he has helped me improve stamina, technique and overall strength".

David, Warwick



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