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Adam Preece Personal Training

Personal training can help you:

  • Decrease body fat and weight
  • Improve health and energy levels
  • Improve sleep and stress
  • Get into shape
  • Get stronger and increase lean muscle
  • Improve flexibility, posture, and core function

Specialist services are offered for injury rehabilitation, pain management and golf conditioning

Personal training is for anyone:

  • Beginners who need direction and motivation
  • People currently training who want better results
  • Sportsmen/women and athletes who want cutting edge nutrition and training

To get results I look at:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition and digestion
  • Hydration
  • Stress and sleep

The right personal training will provide effective results and improve your time management. It will fit into your lifestyle with no time being wasted on in-effective methods.


Train individually or with a friend/partner/relative


Small group sessions are also available


To find out more or to book a Free Initial Consultation, please use the contact page


"My goal was to lose weight and boost energy levels.  Adam and I have worked on nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep.  As a result I have lost 20.5 inches from a total of seven different areas of my body – roughly a loss of 3 inches from each area.  This included my target areas.  My energy levels have also risen significantly.  These results have been long term and sustainable.  I enjoy a balanced diet and find it easy to fit in the right type of exercise to my lifestyle".

Julie, Coventry




Lose-Weight-Personal-Training Warwickshire Lose weight with personal training in Warwickshire by Adam Preece.