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A well aligned and conditioned body will help you to optimise your swing and generate more power. It will also protect you from the injuries associated with the repetitive action of golf.

Step 1 - Movement assessment

  • Flexibility
  • Biomechanics
  • Core stability

Step 2 – Training

  • Flexibility, posture, and movement
  • Total body conditioning:
    • Muscular endurance
    • Muscular strength
    • Muscular power
  • Core/ lumbar(lower back) stability
  • Core strength and power – a focus is placed on rotation in this component
  • Nutrition to complement performance


I started working with Adam in October 2008 to help me achieve my ambitions in golf. A major limiting factor in me achieving my goals was my flexibility, strength and fitness. I was also susceptible to lower back injuries.

Initially, Adam assessed my movement, flexibility and posture and then set about full body training.

Flexibility, core stability and muscular endurance were the first areas we worked on. After this we built into establishing muscular strength and core strength. By now I was moving much more freely and felt strong throughout my body. Whilst continuing to maintain strength levels Adam and I worked on developing my muscular power. Consequently within a 12 month period my handicap went from 3 to scratch and I enjoyed an injury free season.

A call up to the Warwickshire second team and being part of this league winning side was a triumph. Since then, I made my county first team debut and recently achieved a career highlight of captaining Warwickshire to winning the County Championship.

Stephen, Warwick




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