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Ryan, Warwick

"Training with Adam vastly accelerated my progress towards my goals of reduced body-fat and muscle toning by providing a structured exercise regime, combined with nutritional advice. I quickly realised that I could be improving my time management by combining the right balance of weight training, cardio exercise (and by performing these correctly!) and through eating smartly, at the right times. A good degree of variation also helped to overcome my ongoing issue of motivation / boredom and always kept my body guessing.

The programme excelled my expectations because, by being specifically tailored to my needs; it also delivered profound improvements around an ongoing knee injury, which Physiotherapy had previous failed to do - by not only strengthening the joint itself, but also looking at the supporting muscles, etc, ultimately reducing daily discomfort and allowing me to work my legs out in ways which were previously unfeasible without overstraining".

Ryan, Warwick.


David, Warwick

"Before my first training session with Adam, I had suffered a great deal of troubles with my right shoulder for around 4 years.  Prior to my first training session, Adam took time to discuss my problem with me and familiarize himself with my situation.  After my first session, I noticed the pain had decreased.  Several training sessions later, I no longer felt any pain.

Since then, I have had additional training sessions with Adam, and he has helped me improve stamina, technique and overall strength".

David, Warwick


Diane, Warwick

"I have been training with Adam for just over a year and have been impressed by the variety of devious exercises he has up his sleeve. We haven't done the same workout twice and I never leave a session without feeling I have achieved something new".

Diane, Warwick


David G, Warwick

"I had been losing motivation to exercise and was beginning to put on weight but now having regular training sessions with Adam I am back on track. Training is fun and interesting and he has helped me achieve specific climbing fitness goals and be fit enough to complete a 42mile charity trek across the Yorkshire moors in less than 12 hours".

David G, Warwick


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