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Metabolism - the key to fat loss and boosting energy levels

Sustainably raising metabolism has enabled me to help many people lose body fat, increase energy levels and improve a number of health concerns. I see people working hard in gyms but not doing the right things to elevate metabolism. They put the time in and then get frustrated because the results they want don’t arise. It’s also worrying to see the number of strange diets that actually have a long term affect of slowing metabolism and worsening weight problems.

Here are a few facts on Metabolism:

  • Eating little and often will help control blood sugar levels. Digestion promotes metabolism so frequent smaller meals will elevate metabolic rates and keep energy levels steady.
  • Eating too much processed foods (this includes white bread) can spike blood sugar levels and negatively affect digestion. Nutritional intake void of processed foods will have a beneficial affect on metabolism.
  • Increasing lean muscle will raise metabolism due to it having high energy requirements. Resistance based exercise, focusing on exercises where a number of different muscles are being worked will shape lean muscle. The elevated metabolism will lead to decreased body fat and improved energy levels.
  • Get enough, good quality sleep. A lack of sleep increases cortisol (stress) hormone. Too much cortisol production can disrupt blood sugar levels leading to metabolism slowing. Also people produce a high degree of growth and testosterone hormone in their sleep. When performing resistance training, low levels of these hormones are counter-productive in terms of shaping lean muscle.
  • Excessive cardiovascular training can decrease metabolism.



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