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Efficient and effective training

With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s important to find a training approach that yields effective results, fits into your lifestyle and as an added bonus is enjoyable. Here are 6 tips to steer you in the right direction with your training:

  1. Performing a number of exercises working large muscle groups such as squats with good technique at a challenging intensity creates a positive metabolic and hormonal response.
  2. Supersets involve two exercises performed back to back and then resting. Selecting the type of exercises mentioned above such as squats and press ups can further increase the metabolic response as well as increased anaerobic and cardiovascular conditioning.
  3. Regress or progress. Adapting the intensity of exercises can fit your current level of training. Only train to an intensity that you can achieve with good technique. Any exercise can be adapted to suit each person.
  4. Warm ups – mobility is a great way of warming up. Focusing on areas of the body that are tight enables a targeted warm up that will ready the body for the workout ahead and reduce any movement compensations. Targeting typically tight muscles, using a foam roll can also effectively reduce biomechanical inefficiencies.
  5. Excessive cardiovascular exercise can lead to oxidative stress and adversely affect metabolism. Interval training is an effective form of cardiovascular conditioning.
  6. Vary the workouts to provide the body with a diverse range of exercises to facilitate adaptation and make the workouts more enjoyable.



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